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Spinal Surgery Patient to Fitness Instructor

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Amy Litman is a High Fitness Instructor and Pilates and Bounce (Trampoline) Instructor at The Beyond Studios.  She lives in Clovis, Ca with her husband and two sons. Amy took control of her spinal health in 2011 and remains an active part of the Central Valley fitness community.

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First Take: True Rest Float Spa

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What’s a First Take?

We’re taking the guess work and fear out of trying something new by trying it first (new to us too!).  

In First Take we’ll report the who, what, when, where, why and how do I not make a fool of myself.  If it sounds like a …

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Spinning Into Control: Exercise and Anxiety by Ashley McBride

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Ashley McBride is a College Career Counselor by day, wife to her best friend Sean, and Mom to a tiny poodle named Margot.  A Central Valley Native, she’s an avid indoor cyclist who loves to cook, laugh, gather friends and has a secret dream of being a stand up comedian.  She hopes that …

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Behind The Scenes: Farmer’s Daughter Squared

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Kristy Becket is a farmer’s daughter who became a farmer’s wife and had daughter Ricki Lynn.  Together, they are Farmer’s Daughter Squared creating simple, homemade goodness straight from their farm.  You can find their recipes and creations on Instagram or at local farmer’s markets.


Tell us about Farmer’s …

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Banting, Like A Wildfire

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Mona N. Cummings is the Senior Director for Resource Development at United Way Fresno and Madera Counties.  She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist. She teaches indoor cycling at Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club and runs a social media brand called BantingUSA

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4 Fixes for Women to Increase Energy

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Sara Lloyd is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and essential oils educator. She is a wife and mother, [read: cook and a taxi.] Her health journey started after she had an emergency c-section due to a condition called pre-eclampsia. …

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